Students protest in London. Demonstrations agains the Tory government.

Cameron and Clegg trying to control the UK with the police and an iron stick. The student protests and the police response were a setup. Students and cannon fodder coppers has inside knowledge of the events at Millbank and how the government used the protests to prepare for a tougher response in times to come. London, UK, Students protest, demonstrate their anger, on the streets of London UK world capital. Politicians are with the RICH. Students, Coppers and Politicians, poor, wealthy, student, police, fight, riots, millbank, fees, cut fees, student union

This is the video that explains the issues.

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London Fire Brigade Strike, Dispute 2010

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London Fire Brigade Strike 2010

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London Fire Brigade Strike 2010

Firefighters dont want to strike. Firefighters in London have been forced to Strike.

5.600 of them will get sack on the 26 of November.

This is not a democracy.

Why are we Striking?

We chose to ballot for strike action only when we were informed that we will be sacked if we do not agree to sign new contracts.

We were moving forward with negotiation. In fact in the Chief Fire Officer’s own words “I am pleased to say that talks have been constructive and business like”. He stated this shortly before issuing the 188 notice to sack us.

Also, it should be noted that unlike what the LFB are saying, formal negotiations regarding our shift change times only began in June 2010, just 4 months ago!

We would like to return to talks and agree to changes to our conditions of service in the constructive and business like fashion that we were recently. As you can imagine it is almost impossible to debate and discuss with the promise of the sack looming.


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